A Green Thumb

Everyone knows this little phrase, but let me fill you in on a secret … I DON’T have one.

 My mother thinks she has failed me (she has flowers practically coming out of her ears) … and my dad is a corn farmer for heaven’s sake! But I couldn’t keep a plant alive if you paid me.

 However, I came across this cute planter idea and I think one day when I have a home, I could give something like this a try!



This is called a vertical cinderblock planter, which costs approx. $60 including the plants to make! Cheap and visually appealing … count me in!

The article on Urban Gardens (http://www.urbangardensweb.com/2011/07/15/cinderfellas-vertical-garden-planter/) went onto say that the designer used metal screens glued to the bottom of the blocks to keep in the dirt.

 Instead of cacti like this Californian did, I would probably use these…

Purple Petunias (I really just love the name Petunia, also the name of my current show heifer)

 Because let’s face it, I bleed purple, and when and if I ever find my “green thumb” I’ll use it to spread wildcat cheer!


By Robin Kleine


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